Plastic surgery


Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery As part of our outpatient services, we perform minor procedures that do not require an operating room environment and can be carried out under local anesthesia. These usually include the excision of moles, warts, or other skin changes for aesthetic or medical reasons.

Whether it's for aesthetic or medical reasons that a mole, wart, or other skin appendage needs to be removed, the safest method is surgical excision. We perform these procedures under local anesthesia within our outpatient services. The expertise of our plastic surgeon guarantees the appropriate aesthetic and cosmetic results. We cover the sutured scar with sterile dressings, and our specialist provides detailed information about the further tasks, such as potential dressing changes and the order of suture removal.

The procedure can be performed on the recommendation of a dermatologist or at the patient's request. In the latter case, the plastic surgeon decides on the feasibility of the procedure. If for any reason the excision cannot be done or can only be done at a later date, a fee for the plastic surgery consultation is due.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes for simple excision. In the case of excisions affecting a larger skin area, a so-called flap plastic surgery may be needed, which usually takes about an hour.

The removed piece is always sent for histological examination, which can confirm if there was a malignant alteration - like melanoma - in the removed area. The price of the first excision includes the cost of the histological examination, but in case of further excisions, if a histological examination is necessary, its price will be added to the cost of the procedure.

The price of the procedure includes the cost of the first control examination following the excision, which is also when the sutures are removed.

Within the framework of a plastic surgical specialist consultation, we provide detailed information on the conditions, expected benefits, and risks of any other plastic surgical intervention requirements - for example breast augmentation or reduction, eyelid, ear, nose or abdominoplasty. We perform the surgeries at the Duna Medical Center in the most modern operating rooms in Hungary. If you would like to know more about these surgical options, please click here and we will direct you to the page about plastic surgeries.

Dr. Csaba Kunos
Dr. Csaba Kunos
Plastic surgeon
Dr. Csaba Kunos
Dr. Csaba Kunos
Plastic surgeon
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  • Excision and loboplasty (with histological examination)
    285 600 Ft
  • Excision with seam - all additional pieces
    51 400 Ft
  • Excision with suture (with histological examination) - one piece
    130 400 Ft
  • Histological examination for additional samples (per piece)
    19 800 Ft
  • Plastic surgery consultation
    33 000 Ft
  • Plastic surgery control study
    29 000 Ft
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