Karina Kovács

Karina Kovács

Midwife - optional
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Lactation consultant
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Personal introduction

I remember three defining points that led me to become a midwife.

The first is the fond memory of my mother taking me to the pharmacy when I was a child. There were several times like this, I loved going there. You have to imagine the old kind of pharmacy with a huge, brown cupboard with many drawers and that special pharmacy smell that almost everyone knows. I collected almost all the brochures I could find on different medicines, and at home I pretended that I was the doctor who not only examined patients, but also prescribed all kinds of pills, creams, and ointments.

The next point was the birth of my sister, or more precisely, my mother's pregnancy. I talked to my little sister a lot when she was a toddler and I always told her how much I was waiting for her. As the birth approached, my mother began to worry because my brother remained breech. One night I sat next to her, caressed mom's belly and explained to my sister how much better it would be if she turned around. At the next medical examination, he was already in the skull position.

And the third is the tremendous experience when I was a silent observer of a beautiful spontaneous birth during one of my first practices. It was then that I really became aware that it would be my honorable task to help the women giving birth in this vulnerable situation, to provide support and be by their side in the first moment of becoming a mother. This first birth was a kind of confirmation that I am in the right place, that I am continuing to study in the right direction."

I received my diploma in the summer of 2016 at the Faculty of Health of the University of Debrecen. During my university years, I gained a wide range of practical knowledge at the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen.

After obtaining my diploma, I worked in Germany as a midwife for almost half a year, where I could expand both my practical knowledge and my everyday-professional German language skills. My competence was largely the same as that of midwives in Hungary, with the difference that midwives there actively participate in pregnancy care, as there is no midwifery service in Germany. In the hospital, the use of homeopathic remedies, various oils and the TENS device as a tool for pain relief procedures were widespread.

After returning home, I worked as a midwife in Miskolc and then in Debrecen.

I have a lactation consultant qualification.

International experience

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