Coronavirus tests

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Coronavirus tests


This type of antigen rapid test detects the presence of the virus from a sample taken from the nasal and throat mucosa, with results provided on-site within 15 minutes. We recommend this test for individuals who are exhibiting symptoms and believe they may have a high likelihood of COVID-19 infection.

Compared to serological testing – which is performed on a blood sample and most accurately identifies whether someone has previously been infected – this test answers whether the subject is infected at the time of testing. The result is provided within 15 minutes.

The cost of the service is 13,750 HUF, which is payable on-site at the time of the test. An appointment is necessary for the test. Please call our customer service at +36 (1) 790 7070 or request an appointment on our online platform and we will call you back.

What to do in the 4 hours preceding sample collection
  • do not eat or drink, do not take medication
  • do not use lozenges, candy, or chewing gum
  • do not brush your teeth, do not use mouthwash
  • do not use nasal spray

If the sample collection is performed too early in the initial phase of the illness, or if the above instructions are not fully adhered to, a negative result may occur despite an ongoing infection. In symptomatic patients, if the rapid test is negative, it is recommended to also perform a PCR test.

  • COVID-19 antigen rapid test
    From 15 130 Ft
Prices are indicative and do not include the cost of the care package