Maternity (birth) packages

Maternity (birth) packages

The philosophy of Duna Medical Center obstetrics is to combine safety, professionalism and harmony. Safety and high professional standards are provided by our complex hospital background, our strictly controlled processes and our trained team of professionals. Harmony is ensured by our human-centered solutions and a friendly environment that satisfies a wide range of personal needs.

In our obstetric practice, we prioritise natural birth, with as little intervention as possible, and preferably undisturbed. During labour, the mother can choose the position and the means that suit her best, there is the option of giving birth in the bath or in the tub, and barrier protection plays an important role in the birth process.

At the same time, with our state-of-the-art surgical equipment and specialist staff, we are prepared for any obstetric surgical interventions that may be required for the safety of the woman giving birth and the unborn child, whether planned or emergency, during the birth process.

There is an increasing demand for VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean section). At our obstetric centre, our dedicated specialists support mothers to have a natural birth as long as it is considered medically safe.

We offer a gold watch after childbirth - a caesarean section - for all new mothers and fathers, as well as 24-hour rooming-in; so baby and mother can spend time together at all times.

We believe it is important to provide our patients not only with safe healthcare, but also with clear, comprehensive information and emotional support to help them feel safe. You can count on the maximum attention, care and empathy of our professionals, which reflects their dedication.

Our obstetric packages

All three of our obstetric packages include the services you need to support a safe and harmonious birth, and our upgraded packages include the cost of choosing a doctor and midwife. You can find out more about the exact contents of our packages below:

Week Obstetric services


930,000 HUF


1,304,000 HUF

(The amount includes the fees of the doctor and midwife.)


1,431,000 HUF

38 week Anaesthesia consultation + + +
CTG + +
Blood pressure measurement + +
Urinalysis with test strip + +
39 week CTG + + +
Blood pressure measurement + + +
Urinalysis with test strip + + +
40 week Obstetrician-gynaecologist examination + + +
Ultrasonic testing (biometrics, flow measurement) + + +
CTG + + +
Blood pressure measurement + + +
Urinalysis with test strip + + +
Every 2 days after the 40th week Ultrasonic testing (flow measurement) + + +
CTG + + +
Obstetrician-gynaecologist examination + + +
Childbirth Choice of obstetrician* 264,000 HUF 238,000 HUF +
Choice of midwife 110,000 HUF 99,000 HUF +
Natural birth, where the attendant may be present + + +
Caesarean section where the attendant may be present + + +
Epidural or other pain relief of your choice + + +
Anaesthesia for caesarean section + + +
After childbirth Monitoring and care of the mother and newborn baby + + +
Pain relief + + +
Anti-D injection in case of Rh conflict of interest + + +
Laboratory tests if necessary + + +
Other specialist medical examination as necessary. Blood transfusion, blood collection, special medicines and special laboratory tests (fibrinogen)** reimbursable reimbursable reimbursable
Neonatal care if needed, blue light + + +
Visits + + +
BCG vaccine + + +
PKU screening + + +
Hearing test + + +
Number of nights in standard room with meals 2 2+1*** 3
Accommodation in a single room 66,000 HUF
/ 2 nights
+ +
Accommodation in family room with 1 companion, meals for 2 persons 139,000 HUF / 2 nights 139,000 HUF
/ 2+1 nights
Lactation advice + + +
Birth registration + + +
Newborn screening test + + +
Physiotherapy for caesarean section + + +
Newborn photography***** + + +

*If you choose an obstetrician, the fee of the obstetrician professor of your choice is additional, please ask for the fee before signing the contract.
**The fees for other medical services provided if required are payable in addition to the package fees, according to the current price list of Duna Medical Center.
***The Premium package includes 2 nights, which is supplemented by 1 extra night if medically justified.
****Only if a family room is available during the period, if no family room is available, the Exclusive Package rate will be reduced by the amount of the charge for the service not provided in the package rate.
*****A photo shoot, a gift card and the opportunity to be featured in the online baby gallery are included in all maternity packages. The newborn photo session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes and the resulting images can be used to order various BABYBOX packages and products. For orders of BABYBOX Basic/Family package or higher, a photo book is a gift from Duna Medical Center (20x20 cm photo book for the Basic Obstetric package, 27x27 cm for Premium and Exclusive packages).

Additional nights in the maternity unit in addition to the nights included in the package:

  • Extra night in a 2-bed room: 97,000 HUF/night
  • Extra night in a single room: 134,000 Ft/night
  • Extra night in a family room for 2 persons: 174,000 Ft/night

Need more information? Would you like to sign a contract? Our dedicated contact person is waiting for your call or email!

  • A) Basic package
    930 000 Ft
  • B) Premium package
    1 304 000 Ft
  • C) Exclusive package
    1 431 000 Ft
  • D) Accommodation in a single room - as an addition to the BASIC package (optional)
    66 000 Ft
  • E) Family room with 1 companion - as an addition to the BASIC and PREMIUM package (optional)
    139 000 Ft
  • F) Choice of obstetrician - as an addition to the ALAP package
    264 000 Ft
  • G) Choice of midwife - as an addition to the BASIC package
    110 000 Ft
  • H) Choice of obstetrician - as an addition to the PREMIUM package
    238 000 Ft
  • I) Choice of midwife - as an addition to the PREMIUM package
    99 000 Ft
  • J) Extra night in a 2-bed room (per night)
    97 000 Ft
  • K) Extra night in a single room (per night)
    134 000 Ft
  • L) Extra night in a family room for 2 persons (per night)
    174 000 Ft
Prices are indicative