About us

About us

About us

In the autumn of 2023 the Liv Hospital Group took over the operation of Duna Medical Center, which since 2015 has been one of the best-equipped centers in Hungary's private healthcare sector, offering outpatient services, hospital care, and diagnostics. The group's goal is for Liv Duna Medical Center to become the highest standard of reference institution in the region and Europe. In our hospital, we work with dedicated and recognized professionals to ensure the safe recovery of our patients.

The physicians at Liv Duna Medical Center are dedicated to modern medical practices, ranking among the best in their fields, often boasting significant international experience. Our healthcare professionals working in our clinics, operating rooms, and inpatient departments utilize their knowledge, practical experience, and compassionate approach to ensure the safety, high-quality care, and recovery of our patients.

Equipped with the most advanced diagnostic tools, our radiology department offers low-dose X-rays, the latest 3D digital mammography devices suitable for tissue sampling, bone density measuring X-ray machines, and ultrasound equipment usable in various specialties, all aiding in accurate diagnosis.

Our services include necessary laboratory tests and the swift evaluation of results.

Our clinics, equipped with the latest tools, cover nearly the entire medical spectrum, offering examination opportunities from andrology to gastroenterology, gynecology, and urology.

In surgery, we possess the most modern surgical infrastructure and equipment available in Hungarian healthcare, including high-resolution 3D camera and monitoring systems necessary for minimally invasive, laparoscopic procedures.

Our anesthesiologists and intensive care specialists, with their exceptional professional experience, monitor patients' vital functions during surgery through the most advanced instruments, ensuring proper anesthesia, pain relief, and ventilation.

Our maternity center operates under the principles of safety, professionalism, and harmony, emphasizing the importance of natural childbirth while being fully prepared for any necessary obstetric surgical interventions, whether planned or emergency.

We operate a private healthcare facility where, alongside high-quality medical care, we place a strong emphasis on the comfort and enhanced service level for our patients. Our surgical department's inpatient section and maternity ward offer single and double accommodation for our patients. Beds adjustable at multiple points with a remote control, personalized meals determined by a dietician according to the required diet post-surgery, and other comfort services ensure a quick and pleasant recovery for our convalescing patients and new mothers.