Antenatal care examinations

Pregnancy care

Antenatal care examinations

From the early stages of pregnancy, it is worth paying attention to the health and development of the mother and the fetus. This is served by the examinations that must be carried out during pregnancy, as well as screenings recommended by a doctor, as well as examinations for maternal/fetal condition assessment. Pregnancy care is provided by an obstetrician-gynecologist, in close cooperation with the family physician and the midwifery service. At the Duna Medical Center, all means are available to ensure adequate care for the fetus and mother for 40 weeks.

The most important examinations during pregnancy care

During pregnancy care, it is necessary to attend the appropriate screenings every 4 weeks until the 38th week, then weekly, and in the event of excess weight, every two days

In all cases, prenatal care examinations consist of checking maternal and fetal parameters.

In the case of maternal parameters, regular follow-up of blood pressure, heart rate, body weight, laboratory tests of maternal blood and urine samples per trimester.

In the case of the fetus, we check the heart function, the degree of development, as well as the condition of the internal organs, the quality of the placenta and the amniotic fluid.

During prenatal care, a genetic test is carried out twice, with the help of which possible abnormalities can be screened out in the early period of pregnancy.


  1. I. Trimester genetic screening - completed 12-13 weeks
  2. II. Trimester genetic test - completed 19-20 weeks
  3. III. Trimester comprehensive ultrasound - completed 30-32 weeks

The examination of the fetal heart ultrasound is a special examination that refers to the anatomical and functional examination of the fetal heart, as well as the condition and circulation conditions of the large blood vessels.

This service is currently not available at our institution. Ask your treating doctor.

Extended NIPT (non-invasive prenatal test) - modern fetal genetic testing

Thanks to the rapid development of molecular genetic tests, a new opportunity has opened up in fetal diagnostics. It has become possible to examine the fetal DNA circulating in the mother's blood with a simple maternal blood sample, and with this, it became possible to carry out genetic and chromosomal tests, which until now could only be performed with invasive methods, with good efficiency. The method is able to map the entire chromosome stock of the fetus with high accuracy.

The most common problems associated with pregnancy

During pregnancy, the mother must pay extra attention to her health. Diseases may occur that can endanger not only her, but also the fetus if not treated in time. Such an occurring problem can be:

  • gestational diabetes : this is checked in the second trimester of pregnancy, but blood sugar levels are also specifically monitored during blood tests. Diabetes during pregnancy can increase the later development of type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes can affect anyone, but the risk ratio is higher for overweight expectant mothers, women over 35, or women with previous insulin resistance. Undiagnosed and untreated gestational diabetes can also lead to premature birth, high fetal birth weight, or premature aging of the placenta.
  • gestational hypertension : It affects the circulation of both the mother and the fetus. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to further complications.
  • varicose veins : the circulation changed during pregnancy and weight gain. As pregnancy progresses, the expansion of the pelvic veins increases, the venous circulation changes, which leads to the formation of varicose veins. Since the pressure in the varicose veins increases at this time, it is worth avoiding long-term leg strain and standing, as well as long-term hot water baths.

  • Combined test 12-13. week + genetic ultrasound
    75 000 Ft
  • CTG examination - with evaluation
    36 000 Ft
  • Cystic fibrosis carrier screening (New Era Genetics)
    45 000 Ft
  • Genetic ultrasound examination 12-13. seven
    49 000 Ft
  • Genetic ultrasound examination 18-20. seven
    49 000 Ft
  • Integrated test 1-3. 94% of trimester values are Down
    36 000 Ft
  • Medical examination + ultrasound
    37 000 Ft
  • NIFTY pro test
    235 050 Ft
  • NIFTY pro test for twin pregnancy (1 pc.)
    212 180 Ft
  • NIPT base - KromoCare1
    175 500 Ft
  • NIPT extended - KromoCare2
    222 750 Ft
  • PrenaGenetics Fund
    99 000 Ft
  • PrenaGenetics Monogen
    395 000 Ft
  • PrenaGenetics Optimum
    199 000 Ft
  • PrenaGenetics Origin
    395 000 Ft
  • PrenaGenetics Plus
    229 000 Ft
  • PrenaGenetics Total
    595 000 Ft
  • SMA carrier screening (New Era Genetics)
    95 000 Ft
  • Specialist examination + CTG + ultrasound (Flowmetry)
    44 000 Ft
Prices are indicative