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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Breast cancer surgery does not necessarily result in permanent deformation of the breast. During breast reconstruction surgeries, the breast and nipple can be aesthetically restored. A wide range of procedures is known. The missing breast tissue can be replaced with the patient's own tissues, silicone implants and tissue expanders, so-called expanders, or a combination of these. The type of appropriate reconstructive surgery depends on the method of mastectomy, the stage of the tumor, the necessary post-treatment, and the patient's general health condition.

Breast reconstruction surgery is needed when a patient's breast has to be completely or partially removed (mastectomy), either due to malignant tumor or as a result of an accident.

The goal of breast reconstruction surgery is for the surgeon to rebuild the completely or partially removed breast, creating the appropriate shape. For this, the patient's own tissue and/or an implant is used to replace the missing tissues. The reconstructive process may require several breast plastic surgeries and can include the restoration of the nipple and areola. During the surgery, we strive to create a breast shape as similar as possible to the existing breast.

After the surgery, the patient does not have to wear an external prosthesis, which significantly supports the restoration of her self-confidence and the experience of her femininity.

Breast reconstruction surgery is performed under anesthesia. In simpler cases, we make a few centimeter incision under the breast or in a semi-circular around the nipple, and through this, we insert the implant. The implant can be placed under the existing glandular tissue or under the chest muscle. During the reconstruction, the previous surgical scars can be removed, and the deformations can be corrected.

During the surgery - if necessary - we use special techniques to achieve the best results. The two methods are the latissimus dorsi muscle flap (LD) and the transverse rectus abdominis muscle flap (TRAM) procedures. In these two so-called "flap rotation" methods, skin tissue is rotated from the back or abdomen to the breast, thereby replacing the missing tissues.

During the pre-surgery consultation, our plastic surgeon discusses the method of the procedure, the technique used, its steps, the location of the scars, the type, and size of the implant in detail with the patient.

Dr. Csaba Kunos
Dr. Csaba Kunos
Plastic surgeon
Dr. Csaba Kunos
Dr. Csaba Kunos
Plastic surgeon
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