Liv kids standard (7-14 years) screening package

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Liv kids standard (7-14 years) screening package

The "Liv kids standard (7-14 years)" screening package will only be available in our hospital from 1 May!

LIV KIDS STANDARD (7-14 years)

Enrolling children in a screening programme can have many benefits in terms of detecting inherited diseases, predispositions and health risks, so that health professionals can detect early signs of diseases or conditions that could cause more serious problems later in life. Screening programmes provide an opportunity for professionals to support parents and children in determining appropriate lifestyle choices.


Contents of the package
Anamnesis, phisical examination, status, medical riport (ambulanter)
US - abdomen, US - pelvic
LABORATORY TESTS: Metabolic parameters: blood sugar, Sodium, Potassium, creatinine + eGFR, carbamide, uric-acid, ALT, AST, GGT, alchalic phosphatase (ALP), cholesterol, LDL, HDL, trigliceride, CRP, ferritine, albumine, TSH, Coeliakia (Tissue transglutaminase antibody); Haematological test: Complete blood count; Urinalysis: Complete urine; Serology: Anti-Hbs, HBsAg, ANTI HCV
Price: 84,000 HUF

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  • Liv kids standard (7-14 years) screening package
    From 84 000 Ft
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