10,000 likes - with a special gift

In less than half a year, the number of followers of our Facebook page swelled to more than 10,000. We are very proud of this and would like to thank our patients and fans for their trust! Our special gift is a limited offer with which you can use physiotherapy and physical therapy services at our institution with a 40% discount.
10,000 likes - with a special gift

The discount can only be used in style via our Facebook page , by clicking on the offer there. 200 people can take advantage of the opportunity, during which the discount can be applied to one payment transaction by presenting the printed confirmation e-mail. The offer cannot be applied to packages that are already discounted. The discount can be used until March 1, 2016 at the latest. You can access the presentation of optional services here .

The 40% discount is applied from the treatment list prices below (those living with the discount receive a 40% discount from these prices):

Ultrasound treatment HUF 3,000
Treatment against bad posture HUF 15,000
Preventive spine therapy package HUF 15,000
Complex herbal therapy package HUF 15,000
Immune-boosting, circulation-improving package HUF 15,000
Stress neutralization, of course HUF 15,000
Office package neck-shoulder HUF 15,000
Office package for lower back complaints HUF 15,000
Well pain STOP package HUF 15,000
Complex physiotherapy treatment (electrotherapy treatment, ultrasound, laser, cryotherapy) HUF 15,000
Complex physiotherapy treatment (30 p.) HUF 9,000
Physiotherapy treatment with therapeutic massage HUF 15,000
Laser therapy treatment HUF 6,000
Cryotherapy treatment HUF 5,000
Full body massage with stretching HUF 10,000
Back massage HUF 5,000
Back massage with warming mustard treatment HUF 9,000
Head, neck and face massage HUF 6,000
Complex breathing therapy HUF 10,000
Complex lymphoedema treatment HUF 15,000
Targeted, individualized movement therapy and physiotherapy HUF 10,000
Preventive spinal yoga and stretching HUF 10,000
Neck-shoulder and shoulder girdle therapy exercises with additional therapeutic massage HUF 10,000
Fit-ball core stabilization training and therapeutic massage HUF 10,000
General conditioning exercise for spine health HUF 10,000

To make an appointment, please call +36-1-790-7070 or fill out our online registration form.