-87 kg in 6 months!

Our patient László Mikla was asked this question countless times. He proved that he can lose weight even without surgery: his doctor, Dr. Péter Vasas, recommended losing 25 kg before the intervention, and he greatly exceeded the request: he lost 41 kg. For him - like many of his peers struggling with overweight - the problem was not losing weight, but maintaining the desired weight. Two months after the operation, the scale was almost minus 61 kilos, and at the end of June 2018, six months later, the weight loss was almost 87 kg.
-87 kg in 6 months!

Why did you think it couldn't be done without help?

Since the age of 18, I have been gaining more and more kilos, and of course I always tried to prevent it, but I never succeeded. As long as I followed some fad diet, it was fine, but when I quit, the pounds came back. Often even more. For me, stress mainly poses a threat to my weight: in the past, I used to relieve my nervousness by eating.

Now, after the surgery, the determination to keep losing weight is still very strong. That way, I don't reach for food out of reflex when I'm faced with a problem. I feel that I am strong and I try to solve problems, not postpone them.

How did you decide to have the surgery?

In the summer of 2017, my quality of life changed dramatically. I weighed 211 kilos: this hindered me in everything: dressing, driving a car, cleaning. I felt that this could not go on. I love it when I can participate in local social life, I organize festivals, but I didn't feel good about it either: I couldn't move enough, it was hard for me to stand, and I couldn't even lie down. I'd rather just sit everywhere.

At the end of the summer, I met Dr. Péter Vasas, who unfortunately made me sad for the first time, because he told me that my weight was already too much for me to be safely operated on. So he did not accept my surgery in the first round. This was a very surprising turn of events at first, because he recommended that I lose 25 kg before the planned weight loss surgery. But I understood that my safety required it. Despite my insistence, she only accepted the surgery after losing weight, but now I understand that it was the right way.

László with Dr. Péter Vasas, who operated on him, right before going home

What happened next?

We discussed a diet with the dietitian of the Duna Medical Center, which I followed, so I lost 41 kg in 4 months. Thus, immediately before the operation, I did not need a special liver-reducing diet either, since I had already been following a low-calorie diet for months. So I didn't have to do anything extra in the month before the surgery: I just continued what I started.


How quickly were you able to return to work after the operation?

They operated on a Wednesday. Just a few hours after the operation, I was fine, I stood up, I was walking, and on Monday I drove myself to work.

You also work in gastronomy. Doesn't that make it particularly difficult to fix?

I also organize gastronomic festivals, which can be bigger or smaller challenges. It's good to eat and I like special flavors, but now I need much less. This way, instead of quantity, I have the opportunity to switch to quality: to eat better quality food, less. I feel that I shouldn't give up anything from my previous life, rather I should bring in extras.

What does this mean in everyday life?

Before the operation, I used to go to the swimming pool a long time ago, now I go there every morning. I swim, take a sauna, and my plan is to incorporate other types of exercise 1-2 times a week. I know myself, I will not be the hero of the gym, but I will do my best to find a balance between movement, work and fun. I have a feeling it will work.

Is there anything you haven't been able to do for a long time, but can do again after the surgery?

Of course! I can move more easily, I feel better. A friend of mine and I founded a festival 8 years ago (From Ice Flower to Wine Flower), where we have an army of 1000 guests every year. Looking back at the photos, I was always just sitting because I couldn't stand. But during this year's festival I was on the move, making coffee and serving the guests. It's true, I'm very tired, but next year will be even easier. Many people noticed that I had lost a lot of weight, the braver ones even commented and congratulated me.

Do you have a specific goal of how much weight you still want to lose?

At 43, I refuse to describe myself. I would like to change the walking and passive relaxation of recent years to active sightseeing and sailing. I have set myself a weight of 110-120 kg and I feel that I will succeed: I want to finally not wear a lot of XL suits. But what is most important is that I would like to take part in programs with my two daughters that were previously considered unattainable. I would like to go skiing with them, slide in the water park. These are more and more near goals, and now I finally feel that my life will change radically.

Update: Mikla László weighs only 97 kg in March 2020 and even went skiing with his family!

Mikla László while skiing, weighing 97 kg

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