A real man cares about his health

November is Men's Cancer Awareness Month. The Movember movement was created to support this, and its purpose is to draw men's attention to the importance of health-preserving behavior and participation in regular screening tests. The focus of the initiative is on prostate cancer, not by chance, since it is one of the most common cancerous diseases among men.
A real man cares about his health

An attention-grabbing mustache

The Movember movement started in Australia and today anyone worldwide can join it. The essence of the initiative is that men put aside their razors and grow mustaches for a whole month, namely to draw attention to the fact that men should also take care of their health. The name was created by combining the English words mustache and November, so the mustache became a symbol of the fight against prostate cancer, similar to the pink ribbon of the breast cancer campaign.

A lurking danger

A cancerous lesion of the prostate may not cause any complaints at all, and it is often difficult to distinguish it from a benign enlargement. The earlier stage prostate cancer is discovered, the more safely it can be cured, therefore it is worth paying attention to regular screening as you get older: it is recommended annually over the age of 50, especially in the case of family involvement, as genetic predisposition can also play a role in its development.

Possible symptoms of prostate cancer

The prostate is part of the male urinary tract and genital system. In the case of a cancerous change, it can compress the urethra due to its anatomical location, thereby causing urinary complaints, in an advanced state, even blood in the urine, urinary retention or urinary obstruction. If the tumor spreads further, it can cause pelvic, lower back, and sacrum pains, and general tumor symptoms may also appear: such as weakness, weight loss, and anemia.

A "real man" cares about his health

According to some surveys, women go to the doctor almost one and a half times more often than men, who often turn to a specialist only when they have a serious reason to do so. This is a problem because many diseases, which can be effectively treated if discovered in time, do not cause symptoms in their early stages. For this reason, it is extremely important to participate in regular screening tests. This is also true in the case of prostate cancer, since changes in the prostate do not always cause complaints, so regular urological screening tests can be the way to notice it. The prostate examination, which is also available at the Duna Medical Center, is not nearly as unpleasant as the possible symptoms of the disease, and during the screening, other existing diseases may be revealed in time.

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