Are you having hip or knee replacement surgery? Feel free to ask your doctor these 20 questions!

Like all major surgical interventions, knee and hip replacement surgeries also require appropriate preparations. In order to be as confident and well-informed as possible on the day of surgery, it is worth knowing exactly what awaits you - don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions!
Are you having hip or knee replacement surgery? Feel free to ask your doctor these 20 questions!

Whether the underlying cause is long-standing pain or some other problem, it often happens that the implantation of a prosthesis becomes unavoidable. It can help a lot if you discuss everything with your doctor right down to the most thorough details during the first consultation or even during the pre-operative examinations. The following 20 questions, compiled by the Duna Medical Center team based on the recommendation of the British Orthopedic Society, can help with this:

  1. What other treatments are there?
  2. What make and brand of prosthesis will we use? Why exactly that?
  3. Will a cemented or cementless prosthesis be inserted? Why?
  4. If it is cemented, what cementing technique is used to glue it in? (traditional, advanced, state-of-the-art)
  5. What results does the operating doctor have with this prosthesis?
  6. What results are available in the international literature regarding the long-term effectiveness of the given prosthesis?
  7. What complications can occur? What percentage?
  8. Will the anesthesia be performed with anesthesia (narcosis, general anesthesia) or near-spinal anesthesia (regional and local anesthesia)?
  9. How long can I expect a hospital stay?
  10. Will the doctor performing the consultation operate?
  11. How many prosthetic surgeries does my surgeon perform per year?
  12. How often do your patients develop a deep, serious infection after surgery?
  13. What are the chances that I will need a blood transfusion after surgery?
  14. How long do I have to wait for surgery?
  15. How can my symptoms be treated while I'm on the waiting list?
  16. What happens if my condition worsens or a complication occurs?
  17. What can I do before the surgery to ensure its success?
  18. What rehabilitation options are available?
  19. How long will the operating doctor monitor my condition after the operation?
  20. How long does the implant remain intact and after how long can it be necessary to replace it?

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