Are you suffering from menopause bleeding?

Bleeding disorders that develop in adulthood can be caused by hormonal and organ abnormalities, and we provide a full examination of this at the Duna Medical Center. In addition to the gynecological examination, we carry out the necessary laboratory, imaging (CT) or endocrinological examination, and then, based on the diagnosis, we start the drug treatment or carry out the necessary surgical intervention.
Are you suffering from menopause bleeding?

Do you have a bleeding disorder, would you like to know the cause and find a solution right away, but don't know where to turn? At the Duna Medical Center, you get all of this in one place; from examinations to diagnosis to treatment and, if necessary, to a surgical solution.

Bleeding during or after menopause can be caused by a number of - even serious - problems, so don't delay in getting yourself checked out!

Make an appointment for our gynecology specialist examination and start on the road to recovery!

The Duna Medical Center offers a complex solution for the treatment of symptoms and complaints, in the following steps:

  • Thorough medical examination
  • Complex examination if necessary (CT, ultrasound, laboratory)
  • histological examination
  • establishing a diagnosis
  • treatment: drug therapy or, if necessary, surgical solution
  • in the case of surgery, the complete hospital background necessary to perform it

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