Are you sure your heart can handle it? Take advantage of our extended offer!

Spring fatigue or something more serious? Are you sure that your favorite sport is good for you? Now you can gain certainty with the help of our recognized and experienced specialists and our discounted cardiology screening tests!
Are you sure your heart can handle it? Take advantage of our extended offer!

In view of the great interest, we have extended our promotion, so you can get a discounted cardiology offer until May 1, 2016, according to which the cardiology specialist examination carried out in our institution, together with a heart ultrasound, costs HUF 25,000, and an additional stress EKG examination is only HUF 39,400 can be requested.

To whom do we recommend the tests?

  • for those suffering from already diagnosed cardiovascular disease;
  • for "beginner" and "advanced" athletes who play sports occasionally or regularly;
  • for those performing increased physical activity;
  • those at high risk of cardiovascular disease.

How to prepare for the tests?

Our cardiology examination supplemented with heart ultrasound does not require any preparation. The exercise ECG is most often the so-called We do it based on the Bruce protocol, which means movement on a treadmill, which you do with sensors placed on your body - for this, please bring sports shoes and appropriate clothing. After exercise, you can take a shower and continue your daily activities.

The discount cannot be combined with other promotions.

Meet our cardiologists:

Dr. Bartha Elektra

Dr. Anna Czigány

Dr. Ildikó Herendi

Dr. Lívia Jánoskúti

Dr. Ágnes Kollár