Condition survey package

During the health assessment, we get an idea of your detailed medical history, complaints, secondary causes of obesity, previous diets and their success, differences in laboratory values and body composition, internal medicine and endocrine status, daily schedule, eating and sports habits, as well as other information that we can use to obtain we can recommend a customized solution for you.
Condition survey package

Contents of the package

Obesitology specialist examination 60p

Dietetic advice, assessment of eating habits 60 p

Laboratory: Albumin, alkaline phosphatase, vitamin B12, CRP, vitamin D, Ferritin, Gamma-GT, GOT, GPT, HDL-cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1C, uric acid, calcium, potassium, urea, cholesterol, cortisol (serum), creatinine , creatine kinase (CK), LDH, LDL cholesterol, magnesium, sodium, prothrombin + INR, total urine + sediment, total bilirubin, triglyceride, TSH, blood sugar, blood sugar load 3 points, blood count

DEXA total body composition measurement with specialist evaluation

Movement and sports habits, assessment of fitness level 30 p

Psychiatrist / psychologist consultation 55p

Evaluation by an obesitological specialist, summary expert opinion 30p

The price of the package: HUF 195,000

What will happen to you during the health assessment?

In the first step, our coordinator colleague will send you questionnaires, the completion of which will greatly contribute to getting a complete picture of your condition. Then the laboratory tests and the DEXA full body x-ray will be performed, which our coordinator will organize for you.

Once the results are obtained, the specialist examinations follow: an obesitologist's examination, a consultation with a dietician, an exercise therapist, and a conversation with our psychiatrist or psychologist.

Once all the findings have been obtained, you will meet again with our obesitologist, who will evaluate the findings and provide a summary of your condition.

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