Could it be that my boss has gallstones?

It can easily happen! This is because stress and mental tension can trigger contraction of the bile duct sphincter, thus preventing the emptying of the gallbladder. As a result, the stone can soon start to precipitate from the stagnant cholesterol-rich bile. The Hungarian expressions "bile note", "overwhelmed by bile", "pigeon's liver" also reflect the role of bile in our emotional life.
Could it be that my boss has gallstones?

Are you of Swedish or Arizona Pima Indian descent?

If so, you are out of luck: in peoples who repress their emotions, such as the Swedes, a third of men and more than half of women carry gallstones by the age of 75. In contrast to this, the occurrence of gallstones in the Mediterranean countries does not even reach half of the data in our country. Of course, even the Mediterranean diet can play a role in this.

Before you suddenly change jobs, you should know that there are many other factors that can trigger bile stagnation, including alcohol, endotoxins, pregnancy, hereditary disorders, and certain medications. Hereditary factors are indicated by the fact that among Pima Indian women in Arizona, the probability of gallstones is over 70%, while its occurrence among the East African Maasai is less than 1%. In addition, after inflammation, due to bacteria (e.g. E. coli), gallstones can also form. Even during starvation, it may happen that the gallbladder does not empty: in this case, cholesterol crystals can form, which can form stones and get deposited in the gallbladder wall.

How do I know I have gallstones?

It is not always easy to isolate the origin of upper abdominal pain, so it is recommended to consult a doctor in case of recurring or severe pain. In addition to the abdominal ultrasound examination, a blood test is also recommended to rule out inflammation of the pancreas, and a gastroscopy is also possible, because this is the only way to clearly detect possible reflux, stomach or duodenal ulcers. These can even exist in the presence of gallstones, and if we do not treat them, our complaints will remain, and an operation can even worsen their condition.

I have gallstones, what should I do?

For gallstones that do not cause complaints, it is not necessarily necessary to remove the gallbladder, it can be regularly checked with ultrasound. However, in the presence of gallstones, convulsions and possible inflammation may develop unexpectedly, or the gallstone may enter the bile duct and even trigger inflammation of the pancreas. For gallstones that cause complaints, it is therefore recommended to remove the gallbladder. Nowadays, this can be performed laparoscopically in almost all cases, and we also perform this type of surgery at the Duna Medical Center, of course, with a full examination.

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