Don't visit relatives when you're sick!

After the Advent drive, many people crash for Christmas, because the body is exhausted during the holidays and it is easier to catch certain diseases. In such cases, we have to decide whether it is worth going over to visit relatives and friends for Christmas, or whether it is worth resting at home for a few days until full recovery. Dr. Zoltán Vancsura, internist at the Duna Medical Center, will discuss what symptoms you should stay in bed with and how to prepare for this period.
Don't visit relatives when you're sick!

Why does it happen to our body?

During the winter, upper respiratory diseases, such as colds, pharyngitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia, become more common, as the humidity of the air decreases, dry air has an adverse effect on our mucous membranes, and inhaling cold air reduces the function of the immune cells working on our mucous membranes. Vitamin deficiency also develops more easily, as we consume less fresh fruit and vegetables, this also reduces the activity of our immune system, so the body's defenses can be greatly reduced. Few people know, but upper respiratory pathogens can often cause stomach and intestinal catarrh, nausea, and diarrhea.

Advent is dangerous?

Because of the cold, we increase the number of calories we consume, and with it our activity decreases, since during the holidays we tend to sit a lot between the four walls, and this easily leads to weight gain. Adding to the passive lifestyle is the fact that we consume a lot of heavy, fatty food and usually alcohol when we are visiting guests, and let's face it, sometimes we overdo it. Gastritis and inflammation of the gallbladder become more common, but in this case the symptoms of reflux disease increase, and in the worst case, inflammation of the pancreas can also develop due to an upset diet and other factors. Our mood is not necessarily good during this period either, as the number of sunny hours is few, and due to the winter weather, it may happen that even though it is bright, we do not see the Sun for days. In such cases, it can be observed that we move less and become listless. We often look for pleasure in meals, even though in such cases a walk in the fresh air would help much more. During the big preparations, the number of accidents also increases, not only on the roads, but also in the kitchen or when setting up the Christmas tree.

When should we not leave home?

Of course, a minor cold does not pose a serious threat to our environment, so we can start with confidence. However, a sore throat, excruciating cough or fever or diarrhea can indicate more serious infectious diseases, in which case it is better to cancel the visit in order to protect ourselves and the environment, especially if we are visiting families with small children or the elderly.

What should we prepare for the holidays?

In the medicine drawer at home, it is worth keeping antipyretics, nasal sprays, multi vitamins, cough syrups, phlegm softeners, nausea relievers, stomach suppressants and anti-bloating agents. It is also useful to have a mask and liquid hand sanitizer at home. Keep plenty of fruit in the kitchen, but also prepare ginger, herbal tea, and sauerkraut, all of which can ease digestion.

General holiday rules

Of course, besides love and time spent together, Christmas is also about delicious food, so no one has to miss the festive menu, but it is important to eat in moderation and drink plenty of fluids, especially tea and water, not those with a high sugar or alcohol content. drinks. In addition to these, take a daily multivitamin and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. It is important to stay active even in winter, go for a walk with the family or choose more sporty programs between the two holidays.

Wash your hands often with antiseptic liquid soap, you can also carry these with you in small containers. Wash handles often with surface disinfectants, disinfect the toilet at home.

Perhaps the most important thing is to pay attention to others, especially family members and friends who live alone, so that we can all spend the most beautiful holiday of the year in a healthy and loving way!