Festival, just be careful!

We have bad news for festival-goers: as much as I want to follow basic hygiene rules, it will be difficult. Two specialists of the Duna Medical Center, internist Dr. László Schandl and gynecologist Dr. Gábor Hartman, will tell you how to get through summer festivals without getting sick.
Festival, just be careful!

Most festival-goers take a more relaxed approach to their hygiene routine, as this period means breaking away from everyday life for many. The good news, however, is that with a little care, you can avoid having to spend the last days of the festival or the following weeks in the doctor's waiting room.

Advice from an internist

  1. Wash your hands whenever possible. If you have the opportunity to take a real shower, take advantage of it!
  2. Don't forget wet wipes at home!
  3. If you're camping, pack a pair of warm sleep socks next to your pajamas and keep your waist area warm too.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate! 3-4 liters of water a day is not enough on a summer day!
  5. Individual! If possible, often little and rather light meals. Fortunately, the offer at every festival is now very diverse.
  6. Pain and fever relievers and a box of adhesive plasters should be in the bag! Also, make sure you don't mix alcohol and medicines!

Advice from the female bereavement

  1. If you are on birth control, remember to take the pills, preferably during the day, before your favorite concert.
  2. Do not sit directly on public toilets. Bring a disposable toilet seat cover!
  3. Touch the door of public toilets with a tissue, open and close it!
  4. During festivals, neglect synthetic fiber clothing!
  5. Diseases can not only be caught in intimate areas, the mouth and eyes can also be infectious areas!
  6. It stings, stings, itches - don't diagnose yourself, see a doctor!

+1: alcohol…

  • Alcohol is an almost obligatory part of festivals. However, in addition to generally valid advice, such as moderation, it is worth celebrating more carefully than usual.
  • Drink a glass of soda or a glass of water between two alcoholic drinks!
  • Don't leave your drink unattended!
  • Do not drink high-alcohol drinks on a hot day!