For those sitting in front of a screen, it is (almost) mandatory: "office" stretching

Do you spend 8-10 hours a day in front of a screen? It's time to move and stretch! With early therapy, strengthening and stretching, the imbalance of the muscles can be reversed.
For those sitting in front of a screen, it is (almost) mandatory: "office" stretching

Our body can adapt extremely quickly to any changed, longer-lasting load. Sitting for 8-10 hours a day can be considered such an extreme load, during which some muscle groups in our body shorten, other muscle groups lengthen and weaken, causing static deviations that can lead to the development of neck, shoulder girdle, back or waist complaints in the long term. If the muscle is shortened, spasmed and stiff, the bound tight muscles cannot work efficiently and the risk of injury is much greater.

Reach out!

Proper stretching is as important a part of exercise as the warm-up or the exercise itself. We distinguish between two forms: static and dynamic stretching.

Dynamic stretching

Dynamic stretching exercises are performed during movement, usually at the beginning of or during training, in which case several muscle groups are strengthened and stretched at the same time. Dynamic yoga can be an excellent alternative to the above-mentioned form of stretching, where one of the important goals is to improve posture, thereby helping to prevent or treat locomotor complaints resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

Static stretching

Static stretching should be done at the end of class, with already warmed up muscles. Here, we stretch each muscle in a position held for a certain period of time for 20-30 seconds. Here are some static exercises to stretch muscle shortening from sitting:

Stretching the upper part of the hooded muscle (m. trapezius):

Stretching the levator scapulae muscle:

Stretching the pectoralis major muscle:

Stretching the iliopsoas muscle:

Stretching the pear-shaped muscle (m.piriformis):

Stretching the hamstrings:

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