From 186 kilos to health

We set another record: Anita Lakatos had the highest BMI (body mass index) of all our patients: her height was 157 cm and she weighed 186 kg when we performed gastric bypass surgery on her in April 2018 at the Duna Medical Center.
From 186 kilos to health

The operation was a serious challenge for us, but our routine, familiar team undertook the intervention with the experience of more than 150 successful bypass operations. The operation profoundly changed our patient's life: Anita gave her a huge chance for a healthy, full life.

The gastric ring did not help
Our 25-year-old patient had problems with his weight since childhood, which meant a constant struggle for him. When he was 17 years old, he was fitted with a gastric ring, but this was not a long-term solution either: complications arose after 3 years, so the ring had to be removed. Although he managed to lose 25 kilos with the gastric band, the kilos came back.

Eating and lack of exercise: a straight path to obesity
The reason for Anita's weight gain is clearly food and lack of exercise, and she agrees with this: "Anyone who doesn't pay attention can easily gain weight. One day I woke up and said enough is enough. It was difficult for me to walk, my knees hurt". that's when he visited Dr. Péter Vasas, who, after performing the necessary tests, found him suitable for the operation. He was a little afraid before the procedure, but his family supported him all the way.

-33 kg in just over three months!
Since the operation, his life has changed significantly. He eats less, can move more easily, and breathes more easily when he has to climb stairs. His legs are not swollen and he also renounced his harmful passions in order to reach the previously almost unimaginable target weight: "my dream is 70 kg, but the first goal is to go under 100 kilos." He is on the best path: in the fourth month after the operation, his weight is only 153 kg.

Now not only he, but also his family eats healthier, so we are especially happy about this positive change!

Our patient immediately after surgery and three months after surgery.