How should we prepare for winter if our child has asthma?

As winter approaches, we must take extra care of our health and strengthen our immune system. This is even more true for children, especially if they struggle with asthma. With the help of the pulmonologist of the Duna Medical Center, we have gathered what to pay attention to in order to wait for the harsh weather to arrive in good health.
How should we prepare for winter if our child has asthma?

How to prepare for the winter period?

With the onset of autumn, we must pay more attention to our child's health. It is essential to pay attention to a healthy, preservative-free diet rich in vegetables and fruits, to drinking sufficient amounts of fluids and to adequate vitamin intake. Vitamins often need to be supplemented, especially vitamins C and D3.

Not too hot, not too cold

Despite the cold weather, it is important to stay outdoors. The cleaner the air, the better. It is worth leaving the city and organizing a trip to the mountains or the waterfront. We increase the possibility of catching a cold if we overdress our child out of fear. In this case, you sweat, and the chance of getting sick increases in soaked clothes. In addition, it is not advisable to heat the apartment too much: the room should not be warmer than 23°C, the humidity should not be too high, and we should ventilate it often, so we can avoid the mites multiplying to a large extent.

What should we pay attention to if the child has asthma?

Since our child spends more time in the apartment during the winter months, it is important that no one around him smokes, because tobacco smoke can provoke difficulty breathing. If the child is allergic to mold, it is best if there are no flowers in his room, as mold can be found not only on the walls and in the bathroom, but also in the flower beds of the green plants that decorate the apartment. It can also be found outdoors, children can easily stir up the molds by kicking the fallen debris. Asthma caused by a viral infection is most common in children and preschoolers, which occurs especially in rainy, humid and foggy weather in autumn and winter. If the child suffers from asthma caused by allergies or physical exertion, a viral infection, commonly known as a cold, can also cause shortness of breath.

What about sports?

Sport is recommended for everyone. Exercise is the best way to strengthen the immune system without drugs. A child who regularly plays sports will improve his breathing technique, his breathing capacity will increase and he will be more resistant to diseases. Several famous athletes started sports because of their childhood asthma, and eventually became champions. László Cseh needs no introduction to anyone...

And if it's exercise-induced asthma?

This is not an exclusionary reason for sports either. Today's modern medicines allow our child to play sports, and later, parallel to the improvement of his condition, in most cases the medicines can be gradually abandoned. However, it is very important to check throughout the year whether our child is using his preventive medicine daily with good technique and in the prescribed manner - this is especially important in the winter. We regularly check that our child always carries his anti-seizure medicine with him. Without consultation with the attending physician, it is not recommended to change the prescribed treatment during the winter period, even for a symptom-free child. If we pay attention to these, we can wait for the arrival of the first snow in a healthy way.