Investigating the causes of dyspnea in adults - in 2021

When is it recommended to consult a pulmonologist? What disease can be behind the complaints? Dr. Anna Ungár, pulmonologist at Duna Medical Center, answers these questions.
Investigating the causes of dyspnea in adults - in 2021

People experience shortness of breath as one of the most unpleasant symptoms. Its more severe forms even prevent the suffering of pain. From the doctor's point of view, it is of course an advantage if a disease causes complaints, as it can be found and treated in time.

The cause is by no means limited to diseases of the lungs or bronchi, and can even have a very diverse background. However, it is usually the pulmonologist who first meets the patient complaining of shortness of breath.

After questioning the patient, a physical examination, chest X-ray, respiratory function, and other additional tests, it can be determined whether it is a pulmonary disease or a symptom belonging to another specialty.

If involvement of the lungs can be excluded, we often send our patients to a cardiologist, since heart diseases also often cause difficulty breathing.

Many symptoms can be behind the complaint. It can even be a general weakness, since any more serious illness can cause "suffocation" due to such a small load that we don't feel when we are healthy.

The feeling of suffocation called the "panic symptom" is somewhat common, and it can be said to be common, but this diagnosis can only be made if the possibility of an organic disease has been ruled out.

Since 2020, we have encountered shortness of breath that appears after a coronavirus infection, or was detected during the disease and persists even after the disease has passed, especially during exertion. There can be several reasons for this problem, but it is definitely recommended to consult a pulmonologist, especially if the symptoms do not improve. A complication requiring treatment may also occur after covid is over.

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