New Year's tender: they are the winners!

You probably still remember our New Year's application - let's see the selected ones!
New Year's tender: they are the winners!

In December 2015, the Duna Medical Center announced a tender for medical support for meeting health-related New Year's resolutions. As the prize of the game, our institution will monitor the fulfillment of the New Year's resolution of 3 selected applicants and support their change with a package of medical services worth HUF 300,000, which includes the initial consultation, screenings, milestones, and medical follow-up, from February 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016. between.

Thank you for the many valuable applications, our judging committee had a very difficult task, but in the end the decision was made. The winners are:

  • Zsófia Fodor
  • Abel Maya
  • László Pap

Because of the many good applications, we decided to announce consolation winners who will receive a screening test or a physical therapy package from our institution - according to their goals. They are:

  • Csilla wins
  • Szilvia Kiss and
  • Legendary Zsuzsa

We will contact the winners within days. Thank you to everyone for applying! For those who did not win, we wish you good health and perseverance to achieve your goals.

Non-winning applications will be deleted from our database within 10 days.