No more suffering with hemorrhoids

Everyone has their goldmine, unfortunately, there is a good chance that it will cause problems. Half of the people experience discomfort related to this during their lifetime and often consult a doctor only when surgery is the only solution. However, Dr. Péter Sipos, the surgeon specialist at the Duna Medical Center, offers reassuring news: there is already a procedure that only means missing a few days from work and is almost painless.
No more suffering with hemorrhoids

Why do we have gold at all?

There is a venous network in the anus, which plays a significant role in stool retention. If these tiny veins expand, enlarge, and stretch, then we can talk about hemorrhoids.

When are hemorrhoids a problem?

If the pressure in the abdominal cavity changes, for example, we lift a lot, cough badly, strain due to tightness, or carry more excess weight, then hemorrhoids can easily cause problems. During pregnancy, the enlarged uterus, increased abdominal pressure and the increased need for fluids together cause hemorrhoid complaints in a third of those affected, and of course childbirth itself can cause changes.

Slightly dilated veins can regenerate with care and medication. The more they expand, the less likely they can be restored to their original state. That is why they are classified according to severity, so they can tell whether there is hope to avoid surgery, or whether an intervention is already necessary to treat hemorrhoids.

Golden vein to 1-4

In most cases, the first signs of internal hemorrhoids are noticed due to the blood left on the toilet paper. There are four phases of its development, in the first phase there are no serious complaints, the hemorrhoid only gets a little bigger, is tender, but does not hurt. The second stage is the outturned vein, which also retracts, in which case it is already accompanied by an unpleasant feeling, and bleeding is more frequent. In the third phase, hemorrhoids no longer retract with difficulty and almost always hurt and bleed. In the last stage, the hemorrhoids are permanently inverted, in which case they can only be repositioned with surgery.

External golden veins immediately cause complaints, they are unpleasant, itchy, and later painful. If the blood flow in the dilated blood vessels slows down very much, they can thrombose, which is already associated with severe pain, swelling and inflammation.

When should you have surgery?

If we go to the doctor with the complaints in time, the family doctor can also help, who prescribes tablets, creams or suppositories, but can also recommend a sitz bath with chamomile. A diet rich in fiber, exercise and the right amount of fluid also help in prevention or maintenance.

If our internal hemorrhoids cause a serious problem, or if we have external hemorrhoids, then surgery is the best solution. Fortunately, there is now a procedure that can be requested in one-day surgery, and the recovery does not take more than a few days. The name of the HAL-RAR procedure is an acronym that was created from the ligation of the hemorrhoidal arteries and the reattachment of the mucous membrane of the elongated rectum. With a special ultrasound, they determine the position of the arteries running next to the golden veins and tie them above the sphincter, so that the operation causes as little pain as possible. In the second part of the intervention, the dilated veins are pulled back to their original place with additional stitches.

In fact, no incision is necessary for this operation, you only need 3-5 stitches, and it takes no more than half an hour. The HAL-RAR procedure is performed under sedation or anesthesia, and you can go to work after 2-3 days of recovery. Full recovery takes 1-2 weeks. HAL-RAR can rid us of our hemorrhoid problems forever, but we should pay attention to our lifestyle after the operation, because the disease rarely, if ever, reoccurs due to the low-fiber diet, sedentary lifestyle, and exertion.

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