October is breast cancer awareness month

October is the month of the fight against breast cancer, at this time we pay more attention to this disease that affects many women, and to its early detection.
October is breast cancer awareness month

In the spirit of the fight against breast cancer, our complex breast diagnostic examination can be booked at the Duna Medical Center in October at a discounted price of HUF 49,000, which includes a mammography examination, a breast ultrasound examination and a physical examination of the breast, as well as the preparation of a report summarizing the results of the examinations.

The most important tool in the fight against breast cancer is early detection of the disease, since a malignant lesion diagnosed in time can be cured with appropriate treatment.

About breast cancer screening

To whom do we recommend our complex breast diagnostic service?

In accordance with international recommendations, mammography screening is recommended for all women over the age of 40 annually or at most every two years.

What is the purpose of the complex breast diagnostic examination?

The purpose of the complex examination is to screen out the presence of an early-stage malignant tumor with great certainty by using several examination methods together.

Why is regular breast cancer screening important?

The sooner we recognize a possible breast cancer, the more effective and successful the treatment can be. Breast cancer detected early can be cured.

How does the complex mammographic breast diagnostic test take place?

The test consists of 4 basic recordings and takes about 10 minutes. The recordings are reviewed by the radiologist, followed by a physical examination and an ultrasound examination of the breasts and both armpits. In certain, not clearly negative cases, it may become necessary to take additional special mammographic images, which depict the given area more precisely and in more detail. In the case of sensitive breasts, it is advisable to schedule the mammography examination for the first two weeks after the first day of menstruation.

What are the risks and side effects of the test?

Mammography imaging is performed with low-energy ionizing radiation, so the radiation risk is negligible. Mammography has no side effects.

Can a mammogram be performed in the case of breast implants?

Special images are taken of the breast with implants, with this technique the implants are not put under pressure. This only allows examination of the breast tissue and the axillary region.

When can a mammogram not be performed?

The test cannot be performed in case of pregnancy or suspected pregnancy.

When will I receive a finding?

When leaving the examination. The summary mammographic findings are handed over to the patient by the radiologist performing the examination after the combined evaluation of the completed mammographic images and the US examination.

In case of an appointment in October, our discounted fee for the complex breast diagnostic examination is HUF 49,000

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