Rediscovered femininity - three women with a minus of one hundred and ninety kilos

According to surgeon Dr. Péter Vasas, it is a misconception that morbidly overweight women enjoy "having something to hold on to". More than 300 overweight female patients reported the opposite without exception: it does matter a lot if a woman can sit with her legs crossed (or at least put her legs behind each other), if she is looked over when she enters a room , or just avoid his gaze. The isolation, anxiety, and insecurity associated with being fat tests even the strongest characters. If, on top of that, co-morbidities associated with obesity arise, the morbidly obese end up in a spiral from which very few find a way out without help. Recently, three of our patients visited Dr. Vasas. We took the opportunity to ask them questions that many people are afraid to ask. The ladies have lost 70, 56 and 64 kilograms so far and have become friends since their surgery.
Rediscovered femininity - three women with a minus of one hundred and ninety kilos

Do you often get the comment that losing weight with bypass surgery is a "cheat"?

Yes. That is why we do not "advertise" what kind of surgery we have undergone. We get a lot of criticism for taking it easy. It's not - we also fight for every single kilo. If you have a cold or fever and you take antibiotics, is that also "cheating" or the easy way out? Most of us already have diabetes or insulin resistance. Our chances of avoiding more serious trouble were minimal. We are not talking about 10-20 kilos of excess weight, which a diet will solve for a while.

Did your family support you in your decision or, on the contrary, did they try to dissuade you from surgery?

Not everyone took this decision lightly. In many cases, the family plays a hindering role, partly because they want to protect us, and partly because they are afraid of change. Especially when we've already tried several things and they thought it was a waste of money because it wouldn't work anyway. Many people tried to dissuade us by saying "you're beautiful anyway" and "you're good for us anyway", but we felt that we needed this step in order to live healthier. But now, after the operation, that the results are already visible, they too have reconciled and see how much our lives have changed.

What was the motivation that made you decide to have the surgery? Was there any defining event or did you just slowly realize that this was the final solution?

It was the end of a long process when we realized that we needed a radical change for the sake of our privacy and health. Due to the development of co-morbidities - especially diabetes - this determination became stronger. We tried different methods, such as a gastric band, but nothing led to lasting results, so we finally decided on bypass surgery.

How did their lives change after the operation? How did their environment react? How have you changed in terms of your personality as a result of losing weight?

People have become more direct with us. Those who might have looked through us before or didn't come very close, will do so now. Perhaps thanks to this, we have also become more open, braver, prefer to socialize and live a much more active life than before the operation.

We experienced these changes very hard, the surgery is really only a short episode in this process. Coping with a change in body image and altered reactions is sometimes not easy. Even now, it's hard to look in a mirror and believe that we really see ourselves. In addition, there are always low points when the weight loss does not progress at the pace we expected, the kilos come off more slowly than we would like, and we get frustrated because of this. In such cases, it is very important that family and friends stand by us and encourage us rather than hinder us.

Would you have a message for those who have not yet committed to surgery?

If you are also living with such a problem, it is time to look inside yourself and make a decision. Our only regret is that we didn't do it years earlier.

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