Remote Telecommunication Service

Remote consultation for those who cannot reach a specialist!
Remote Telecommunication Service

To assist our patients in the epidemiological situation, we offer teleconsultation services in the following listed specialties.

The service fee varies by specialty.

Oncology teleconsultation is also available, conducted by Prof. Dr. György Bodoky with prior report evaluation and extended consultation time, for a fee of 55,000 HUF.

During the teleconsultation, the service is provided at a pre-arranged time over the phone by our specialist. Before booking an appointment, our colleagues ensure that the given problem can be examined through teleconsultation.

Teleconsultation does not replace the personal doctor-patient meeting. During the teleconsultation, a partial examination is conducted, and the doctor makes recommendations based on the data and information provided by the patient. Therefore, it is crucial that the consulting doctor receives as much background information as possible before the consultation.

Please be informed that we cannot provide teleconsultation services urgently!

We can offer teleconsultations in the following areas – we are continuously expanding our specialties:

  • Oncology
  • Endocrinology
  • Diabetology
  • General internal medicine

Please note that we cannot provide teleconsultation in every case!

For this, please first send the following information to

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Brief description of complaint/condition (if possible, attaching documents – if you consent to their processing)
  • Whether you have previously visited Duna Medical Center.

Our colleagues will then check if your case is suitable for teleconsultation. If yes – and only then - please purchase the teleconsultation through our webshop. Our staff will then contact you to arrange the appointment.

The consultation may also include prescription writing. You can receive the prescription as an e-prescription or by mail. Please consider that postal delivery may take longer than usual under the current situation.