Summer surgery

Some surgical interventions are recommended to be postponed until the fall and winter months for a more pleasant recovery, although wounds heal faster in the summer. We asked Dr. Péter Sipos, a surgeon at the Duna Medical Center, about what we should pay attention to if we do not want or cannot postpone the intervention and we go under the knife in the warmer months.
Summer surgery

What are the risks of summer surgery?

The high heat takes a toll on the body, we sweat more in the summer, so you have to pay more attention to fresh wounds. The effect of light on fresh scars, UV light, can unfortunately increase the formation of scars, which can sometimes, especially in the case of inflammation, even cause skin discoloration. In the summer months, it should also be taken into account that those with varicose veins and venous stasis can increase the stasis and the pressure on the vein in the summer heat, which can cause heavier bleeding. However, with current techniques, even difficult-to-stop bleeding can be stopped.


Do wounds really heal more slowly in the summer?

This is a misconception, animal experiments have proven that wounds heal faster in summer, which can be partly related to the state of the immune system, more exercise and increased vitamin D levels. At the same time, Dr. Péter Sipos warns that extreme summer heat and dehydration worsen wound healing. In addition, bacteria multiply faster in the heat, and the frequency of wound infections has been proven to increase during surgeries with a large wound surface during this period.

Shouldn't we do plastic surgery in the summer?

Certain plastic surgeries can also be performed in the summer, but the number of wound complications is proven to be higher. Furthermore, after plastic surgery and abdominal wall hernia surgery, it is recommended to wear a compression garment or a belly band, which can cause more discomfort in the summer heat. During these months, wearing compression stockings following varicose vein surgery can also cause discomfort. If you still want to have the surgery done, it is worth choosing the adhesive varicose vein surgery, since it is not necessary to wear stockings afterwards.

How do we treat summer wounds and scars?

Scars should be treated in the same way in summer as at any other time. In such cases, it should be noted that in addition to warm, increased sweating, an adhesive patch allergy or irritation may develop first. It is advisable to use a high-quality, breathable patch. Don't forget to drink enough fluids, regularly disinfect, clean and bandage the wound!

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