The curse of the English toilet

What is the problem with the English toilet, and what problems can improper posture on the toilet cause? With the help of Dr. Péter Sipos, a surgeon at the Duna Medical Center, we researched what we can do to help our body get relief that is as close to natural as possible without any problems.
The curse of the English toilet

What's wrong with the English toilet?

The flushing toilet created in 1591 is not entirely healthy. The fundamental problem is that our body was not "created" for this posture. When we stand, the band surrounding the rectum breaks the so-called anorectal angle, thus closing the rectum, so the closer we bring our thighs to our chest, the easier the relief. According to them, the ideal body position would be squatting. The question rightly arises: how do we do this on top of the cup? There is a solution for this too: by leaning forward slightly, placing our feet on a stool, we have already achieved the ideal posture.

Just no effort

It doesn't matter whether it's urinating or defecating, the basic rule is not to strain. When urinating correctly, let the urine pass on its own and do not try to speed it up with an abdominal press, because this can weaken the muscles and supporting ligaments around the urethra. This is also true for bowel movements.

Big deal, take it seriously!

Continuous strain can lead to the sinking of the lower abdominal organs and many problems. A rectal hernia may even develop as a result of straining. This is especially dangerous for women, because the rectum can protrude into the vagina and cause a so-called rectocele. The risk of hemorrhoids is also significant, as the increased pressure reduces circulation in the blood vessels. And if not only the intestine but also the pelvic floor sinks, it can damage the nerves running here and even cause permanent rectal and perineal pain. Persistent constipation can also cause problems, it can cause expansion and possible stretching of the large intestine, and in this case the intestine can block the outlet of the pelvis like a plug, making emptying difficult.

The bastion of our immune system

The intestinal tract is our largest organ with a length of almost 8 meters, and its condition greatly affects our health. It is responsible for almost 80% of the functioning of our immune system, so no matter how reluctant we are, it is important to think about it. We can do a lot to preserve your condition by eating right, eating enough grains, vegetables and fruits. The necessary fluid intake should not be forgotten either: at least 2-2.5 liters of fluid per day are needed for the body's cells to function properly. So if we want to stay healthy, we have to take care of the whole process of nutrition.

"Slag gains a rich life"

Nothing is more natural than selection, yet many people consider the topic taboo. Attila József even devoted a verse to the theme in his Ode, in the form of the following lines:


"Eternal matter moves happily

inside you in the tunnels of the intestines

and the slag gains a rich life

on the hot wells of eager kidneys!”