The most common questions and answers about our packages

The most common questions and answers about our packages

Are the packages gross or net?

The healthcare service is exempt from VAT due to the special nature of the activity.

In the case of companies, is there a tax discount for the packages?

If companies offer our packages as employer benefits, according to current tax legislation, these services are considered benefits in kind, so they are subject to contributions.

Can the price of the packages be paid with a health fund card?

Yes, the packages can be used with a health fund card. The exceptions to this are the OTP, MBH and Generali Egészségpénztári card. You can find detailed information about our health fund partners here. Some health funds provide discounts for preventive screening tests.

In the case of filter packages, how many days does the complete filter take?

The Duna Medical Center provides quality healthcare services, and our staff perform thorough and professional examinations. Depending on the filter package and the scheduled times, the examination time can be 1, 2 or possibly 3 times.

How to prepare for the tests?

- In the case of laboratory and ultrasound examinations, you must arrive on an empty stomach. Only non-carbonated mineral water can be consumed, not tea and coffee. You can find detailed information about our ultrasound examinations here.

- It is not necessary to bring urine for a laboratory test, but if it is more convenient for our customers to bring a urine sample from home, it can of course also be used for the test.

- For the stress ECG examination, bring sports clothes with you, separate sports shoes are not required. After the test, you will be able to take a shower.

- The specialist summary and the internal medicine examination are carried out by our internist.

- The repetition of the DEXA measurement for returning patients is only necessary depending on the measurement performed the previous year, so for professional reasons we only repeat it with the frequency (every 1, 2 or 3 years) that was suggested in the most recent findings.

How is the fee paid?

You can pay the fee for the service before the examination, even on the spot, with cash, bank card or health fund card. (Except OTP, Generali and MBH health funds). Payment can also be made by: bank transfer (Raiffeisen Bank: 12001008-01511677-00100005). In the case of the latter, please notify the coordinator colleagues of your request in advance.

Do you need to fill out the forms in advance or is it enough to bring them in person?

It involves less on-site administration and is therefore more convenient if you fill out the forms in advance and bring them with you on the day of the examination. Of course, it is also possible to fill out the documents on site.

How much time do I have to complete the tests?

It is possible to carry out examinations at pre-arranged times within 6 months of the payment of the fee.

Check-in process

Examinations can only be booked on the basis of prior registration each time. Registration can be done as follows: via the call center (+36 1 790 7070), electronically (päckö In each case, the examinations included in the screening package are organized individually, with the help of coordinator colleagues. It is not possible to arrange an appointment for the screening package tests in person at our reception.

Place of order

Our practice and Surgery Center are located on the banks of the Danube, in the Millennium City Center, which is easily accessible by car and public transport (tram 2, 24, buses).

Address of our practice and surgery center:

1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 7.
Phone: +36 (1) 790 7070

If you have any further questions, please email us at or , or call us at +36 (1) 790 7070.