What do our patients think of us?

In November 2016, we introduced an online questionnaire, which is filled out anonymously by our patients. A total of 4,206 people answered our questions until June 28, 2018 - here are the latest data!
What do our patients think of us?

We believe that the basis of our institution's operation is transparent and continuous quality assurance. Accordingly, we would like to share the experiences and results of the feedback with you.

Our most important results:

Our patients choose us based on information found on the Internet and personal recommendations

The largest proportion of those who completed the questionnaire (36.2%) heard about our institution on the Internet, followed by the group (27.3%) whose acquaintance, friend or family member recommended our institution.

98% of our respondents would recommend Duna Medical Center to their friends and acquaintances

We are particularly proud of this, since perhaps this indicator best indicates the effectiveness of our work.

70% of our patients wait less than five minutes to be called

We are constantly working to improve this ratio. Despite our best efforts, there are specialist orders where delays have occurred, typically due to the high number of complicated and/or emergency cases.

"Grades" of our employees

We also ask those who complete our questionnaire to grade the work of our colleagues, according to the school grades, with a "mark of merit" between 1-5, which, based on the feedback so far, is as follows:

The work of our doctors

  • 4.80 based on their behavior
  • 4.81 based on their professional knowledge
  • based on the detail of the information they provided, 4.74

The work of our assistants and nurses 4.71

The work of our call center colleagues 4.57

The work of our cashiers is 4.65

The work of our reception staff is 4.67


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