Screening packages

Screening packages

SAY YES TO A HEALTHY LIFE! Health threats such as pollution, stress, poor dietary habits and genetic risk factors can take the form of many diseases and conditions, and regular screening is essential to maintain a healthy life. Liv Duna Medical Center's screening programmes offer a special service for men and women of all ages.


An important part of protecting our health is an annual check-up, where the doctor not only carries out a general health assessment, but also helps to diagnose and treat undetected health problems early. A screening test is good if it is adapted to the patient's age, sex and health risks. Liv Duna Medical Center offers a wide range of screening programmes to suit the patient's situation.

At the Liv Duna Medical Center Screening Center we focus on:

  • early diagnosis, i.e. the early detection and diagnosis of diseases,
    • to increase the effectiveness of timely treatment and improve the chances of recovery,
  • prevention, which enables our specialists to identify hereditary or lifestyle factors that may predispose to the development of disease
    • Identifying personal health risks allows for more targeted, regular check-ups and, if necessary, personalised treatment for patients at higher risk.
  • maintaining and finding ways to lead a healthy lifestyle
    • Health screenings end with a medical recommendation on what to do to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Our screening programmes, which include a complete check-up, provide health solutions that focus on specific disease groups for a specific gender and age group, taking into account the patient's health risks