Cardiology examination package at a discount!

Cardiology examination package at a discount!

Why are cardiology tests important?

Cardiology is the medical specialty dealing with the cardiovascular system, which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart diseases. The specialists who work in this field are extremely experienced in the treatment of cardiovascular problems and, if lucky, we take care of disease prevention.

The purpose of the cardiology examination is for the doctor to map the patient's cardiovascular condition. It is a thorough and detailed examination that helps the doctor identify or rule out heart diseases, as well as determine their severity and the necessary treatment options. During the examination, the cardiologist takes into account the patient's symptoms, medical history and family history, and may perform a physical examination and other diagnostic tests.

In the framework of this campaign, in addition to the cardiology specialist examination, the patients will undergo two more important tests.

A resting ECG is a non-invasive method of recording the electrical activity of the heart. This helps the doctor detect possible heart rhythm disturbances or other heart problems.

An echocardiogram is an ultrasound procedure that provides a detailed picture of the heart and heart valves. This painless test allows the doctor to examine the structure of the heart, the size of the chambers, and the blood flow, looking for signs of possible abnormalities.

The combination of a resting ECG and an echocardiogram provides a comprehensive analysis of the cardiology examination, allowing the doctor to establish a more accurate diagnosis and develop the necessary treatment plan.

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