Surgical consultation with a significant discount!

Surgical consultation with a significant discount!

Briefly about gallstones:

The gallstone formation has several cause. In addition to inflammation caused by bacteria, a diet rich in cholesterol can also cause gallstones. The level of cholesterol in the bile increases, which increases the risk of precipitation. Pregnancy also carries a higher risk because if the gallbladder becomes distorted for this or any other reason, bile discharge is not entirely free, so the crystals can also precipitate.


The most common symptom of gallstones is that after eating, sharp, cramp-like pain appears under the right rib cage. The stones can even cause obstruction, which can further intensify or make this pain constant. Other symptoms can include stomach or back pain, digestive problems, bloating or even vomiting.

Examination and surgery because of gallstones

If it is clear that wenn we have gallstones, then, as before any surgery, a specialist examination is needed. During this, we assess the exact size, location of the stones, the degree of any inflammation, and other circumstances. The preoperative examination takes place on-site, in our institution, and can be completed within a day. Most often, we remove the gallbladder with a gentle laparoscopic procedure, so-called "keyhole surgery". The point is to make a small incision at the navel, through which we insert the camera. We make 2-3 further cuts under the rib arch, through which we perform the removal of the gallbladder with instruments inserted without opening the abdominal cavity. Surgeries are performed in the Duna Medical Center's new, state-of-the-art operating complex.

Dangers of delaying intervention

Chronic inflammation can occur in the gallbladder due to the prolonged existence of gallstones, and this can lead to further complications: the bile ducts can be blocked, an ulcer can develop in the gallbladder, the stones can cause bowel obstruction, although very rarely, when they get into the intestine, or they can also initiate the development of gallbladder tumors.

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Recovery process

Feeling of fatigue can occur in the first week, this can be counterbalanced with rest at home. During the second week, non-physically demanding tasks such as office work or reduced working hours can be undertaken, this must always be individually considered. More significant strain, such as sports, can occur after 3-4 weeks.

You can find more detailed information about gallstones and surgical solutions here.

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