We won't leave you alone!

Our anti-obesity surgeries are very popular and successful - we managed to completely change the lives of hundreds of our satisfied patients. Significant weight loss, often over 100 kg, often presents challenges to patients. In such cases, the advice of competent specialists can help a lot: internal medicine check-ups, the help of a dietitian, the evolution of body weight and the follow-up of laboratory tests. Our trained and experienced professional team will now take care of you for 1 year as part of our promotion - and you don't have to pay for all of this!
We won't leave you alone!

EXTENDED! Due to the great interest, our sale can be used until January 31, 2020.

We have decided not to let go of our patients' hands even a year after the operation: our team of obesitologists, specialist assistants and dieticians stands by our patients in the first year after the operation.

We have put together a follow-up program that includes

  • obesitological specialist control examinations (2 times)
  • condition assessments carried out by our specialist assistants (2 times)
  • dietary control meetings (2 sessions)
  • and special laboratory tests specifically focusing on possible deficits and problems after surgery (4 sessions).

As part of our campaign - if you have your surgery between October 11, 2019 and January 11, 2020 - we provide this package free of charge.

Our sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries are performed by our experienced surgeons who are skilled in abdominal laparoscopic surgery. Our colleagues are assisted by a familiar staff during operations, and in our convalescence department, our staff with great experience and empathy help the rapid recovery of newly operated patients.

We are proud of our excellent results - but we know that one of the keys to success after surgery is that our patients have adequate information about the changes that come with a new life, and in case of any questions or problems, they can ask for advice from experts in the field of anti-obesity surgery - and, of course, follow the recommendations of the experts!

Get to know our obesitologist specialist:

Dr. Éva Bajnok

Get to know our doctors who perform the procedures:

Sleeve surgery:

Dr. Zsolt Káposzt

Gastric bypass surgery:

Dr. Péter Vasas

Get to know our dieticians:

Kata Horváth

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Obesity is a common problem in Hungary, which can lead to serious health problems if we do not pay attention. If the obesity is to such an extent that even the diet does not help, and the general state of health justifies it, some obesity-reducing intervention may be performed. Excellent specialists work at the Duna Medical Center, which allows you to choose from several solutions depending on your state of health and degree of obesity. Thanks to the wide range of services available at our institution, we can also provide you with a full examination before surgery, be it dietary advice, cardiology examination, or laboratory tests. Learn more about the different types of surgery by clicking below:

Learn the stories of our patients:

New life: From the first store jeans to pole dancing fitness

Our 22-year-old female patient had gastric bypass surgery at the Duna Medical Center in August 2016, as a result of which her weight decreased from 149 kg to 102 kg in 8 months.

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-86 Kg in 6 months!

Our patient László Mikla was asked this question countless times. He proved that he can lose weight even without surgery: his doctor, Dr. Péter Vasas, recommended losing 25 kg before the intervention, and he greatly exceeded the request: he lost 41 kg. For him - like many of his peers struggling with overweight - the problem was not losing weight, but maintaining the desired weight. Two months after the operation, the scale was almost minus 61 kilos, and at the end of June 2018, six months later, the weight loss was almost 87 kg. And by March 2020, he reached a weight of 97 kg!

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From 186 kilos to health

Anita Lakatos had the highest BMI (body mass index) of all the patients we have operated on so far: her height was 157 cm and her weight was 186 kg when we performed gastric bypass surgery on her in April 2018 at the Duna Medical Center.

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If you would like to make an appointment or have further questions, our customer service is ready to help you at +36 1 790 7070!