Pink Friday at the Duna Medical Center

Pink Friday at the Duna Medical Center

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. About five to six thousand new patients are registered each year. Screening plays an important role in prevention, with which it is possible to filter out and then remove lesions that cannot yet be felt.

How does the examination take place?

  • The examination takes 10 minutes and consists of 4 basic images: In all cases, standard mammographic images are taken together with bidirectional 2D and 3D tomosynthesis of the breast. The device also produces synthetic 2D images, which facilitates the discovery of tumors.
  • Recordings are made in a standing position (depending on the condition, rarely sitting) with special Hologic equipment.
  • In order to ensure adequate image quality, we apply the necessary pressure on the breasts, which, apart from mild discomfort, cannot be said to be painful. The recordings are reviewed by the radiologist, followed by a physical examination and an ultrasound examination of the breasts and both armpits.
  • In certain, not clearly negative cases, it may become necessary to take additional special mammographic images, which depict the given area more accurately and in more detail.

Findings will be provided immediately upon completion of the investigation!

Important: All breast screening and diagnostic procedures are available at our institution, including the most important breast interventions: aspiration cytology, core biopsy, stereotaxic vacuum-assisted breast biopsy

Application: At our clinic, you can get a mammography examination without a referral, at a pre-arranged time by phone.

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